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Welcome to the Website of SSTL of Ukraine!

State Scientific-Technical Library of Ukraine (SSTL of Ukraine) - all Ukrainian Library of nationwide significance which takes part in Ukrainian librarian system and scientific-technical information system of Ukrainian Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sport. Today SSTL of Ukraine represents an integrated library-informational, cultural-educational, scientific-methodological and reproduction-publishing center which contributes to development of the state scientific-technical sphere.
Taking into account the social significance of the library-informational resources, which were collected during decades; high results of the Library staff work as well as dynamic and professional scientific-methodological activity in the Ukrainian library system and participation in scientific-technical libraries network - SSTL of Ukraine is included in the list of institutions, establishments and cultural organizations presenting special importance for the society.

SSTL of Ukraine - one of the main libraries of the country with unique multi-sector holding of scientific-technical literature and documentation, which contains almost 21 million of samples of documentary information sources. The Library holding covers: the largest patent documents holding in Ukraine, unique holdings of industrial and normative-technical documentation, dissertations, reports on Research Development and Engineering (R and D), deposited scientific studies, holding of domestic and foreign books as well as periodic publications of scientific-technical focus area.

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